Franchising With Us

Welcome to the most turnkey profitable THAI MASSAGE & WELLNESS franchise which focuses on a particular style of  Traditional, Complementary Medicine, Thai herbs, advanced Body work technique.

As the Thai Traditional Medicine and Thai Medical Massage grows internationally, more and more RMTs are training in this field .Our massage Therapy services Maybe covered under your Healthcare benefits. Our highly skilled RMT’s look forward to addressing your health concerns and pampering you in the process.

Our services are offered to clients in Lethbridge, and around Canada.

Since 2007, we are enjoying a large return customer percentage due to the higher quality THAI MASSAGE & WELLNESS service and treatment that we provide. The primary  business plan, and Zoning to focus on only one prime location in the city. Why? Simply answer is we want our franchisee to maximize their profit without another Thai massage & wellness next blocks .

THAI MASSAGE & WELLNESS ‘s name has become known for its professional and its certified massage therapists. We are all about providing higher quality therapeutic treatments and clean Clinic environments. We are creating a first-class experience for our clients.

We are constantly monitoring the feedback of our customers to adaptation to their Health and Wellness preferences and services. We follow our motto “YOUR HEALTH IS OUR PASSION. THE GUIDING PHILOSOPHY OF EACH THERAPY JOURNEY IS TO DELIVER HOLISTIC WELL-BEING TO EACH INDIVIDUAL”

Be One Of Our Franchisee

You’ll also have a business and marketing plan that’s easy to follow that was  designed by Apple. We do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

What to expect as a franchisee?

  • Training of all staff including massage and spa therapist
  • Marketing strategy to build a loyal following
  • Guidance on site and building selections
  • A comprehensive Standard of Process and business practices developed by a professional team of management, marketers and Thai massage and spa technicians 


Love it ? Own it !


Franchise A Thai Massage & Wellness

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We take pride in making booking with us simple and efficient. The only bookings we can’t do online are couples massages.

Please call the clinic at
(587) 425-0074 to schedule your couples massage today.

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